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Advantages of Latex Large Format Printers

  • Listed: May 12, 2014 8:33 pm
hp latex printer
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Advantages of Latex Large Format Printers

Large format printers can increase your business opportunities due to their versatility with a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. You can make high quality, outdoor signage such as billboards, bus shelters, vehicle wraps, exhibition graphics, and interior decorations, with durability comparable to eco-solvent inks.

hp latex printer

Outdoor signs made with latex inks provide the same durability as eco-solvent inks with a display life of up to three years and up to five years if they are laminated. Latex inks are also excellent for indoor applications such as exhibition graphics and interior decorations like wall murals, that can stand up to close inspection.

This new type of printing technology is based on different types of inks including aqueous, solvent, UV, dye sublimation, and latex. Latex inks are becoming the popular alternative to traditional solvent based inks for large format printers and copiers. Latex inks are water based and created from materials that have been recycled. Latex ink is made of polymer and pigment particles, 70 per cent water with the other 30 per cent additives. It’s also has no smell associated to as other inks do. This is one of the biggest advantages latex inks have is their safety. Certain solvents expose users, and the environment, to harmful compounds.

Advantages of Latex Large Format Printers

You can attract the attention of environmentally conscious customers and improve your employees working environment by using these new latex large format printers. Latex large format printers and copiers enable printing on a vast selection of substances, including coated media, polyester fabric, and low cost papers without special treatments.  Latex inks produce odorless prints that allow placement in a point of sale location where odors might be a concern, such as hospitals or pediatric clinics. Latex inks give you a competitive edge compared to the print shops that are still using eco-solvent technology. Water based latex inks are non-flammable, non-combustible, and do not require hazard warning labels. Since they have no noxious odors or chemicals, there are no dangerous air pollutants and no need for special ventilation or an external dryer. Latex prints come out completely dry and ready to use. This is very useful for those items requiring lamination. The prints are ready to laminate directly after coming off the printer, no waiting time necessary for gasses to evaporate.

HP-Designjet-L25500 latex printer

While many large format color printers are moving on to ever wider formats, some printer and copier companies continue to recognize that there is still a need for 36 inch large format printers. Every other year there is a new Canon, Epson or HP water based printer being marketed. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep track of all the new models. Each brand has its good points and drawbacks. If you are in the market for a new large format latex printer or copier, be sure to visit a store that offers all three brands: HP, Epson, and Canon. This way they won’t attempt to sell you the one brand they offer, they should be able to tell you the pros and cons of each machine in order for you to make the best decision possible.

 Advantages of Latex Large Format Printers

To Summarize the Advantages of Latex Large Format Printers, we’ve outlined what it means to you:

  • breathtaking / high quality prints
  • ink drys instantly
  • VOC’s are virtually non-existent
  • eco friendly inks
  • ideal for both outdoor and indoor signage
  • prints on more meterials; paper, vinyl and fabrics
  • faster – prints up to 40% faster than any other technology


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