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Color Management Large Format Printers

  • Listed: January 1, 2015 6:01 pm
Color management service los angeles


Color Management Large Format Printers

Color management setColor-management for large format printers is becoming a must when printing displays and wide-format signs. Users are becoming more knowledgeable about color management and the benefits it is able to offer, such as the delivering of accurate color on a continuous basis. Accuracy and consistency are paramount when it comes to wide-format color management. Accuracy allows colors to be replicated for future use, this is evidently important if a user prints for a specific brand who wish to keep all files the same. Consistency when printing to multiple printers is also vital, managing on the printer is relatively easy, but managing a number of printers and trying to keep the color management between all the printers at the same consistency can be more difficult, especially if the user doesn’t have the right tools.

Of course, over time, many companies are able to acquire the skills required to manage the consistent output of color, but it does require a lot of skill, not to mention an inordinate amount of time. Centralized color management for large format printers performs better than individual printer-based systems as it allows printing with different inks such as aqueous and solvent on a selection of raster image processing machines such as Colorburst and Onyx. All a printer requires is a spectrophotometer combined with a measuring system which can be used by almost anyone.

Another benefit of using a centralized color management system is that a user is able to send a single color corrected image file that can be sent to any printer as a PDF file. Additional benefits are more consistency, savings on ink costs and improved drying of the overall job.

Further benefits of having a color management system for large format printers in place include the creation of profiles that can be used for more diverse substrates like leather and glass. Users are also able to rectify any errors at the prepress stage, this correction will be at the fraction of the cost that would have been incurred had the error was discovered on the press.

The right kind of software when tandammed with the right kind of training means that special circumstances can be dealt with easily. One example is when a user prints the backside of polycarbonate then laminates it with a white film. The color produced would be smaller than GRACol, so in this instance it would be possible to compress the color range to fit the gamut.

The process of how a color management system works is relatively straightforward. Color management will be shut down within raster image processors, the reason for this is because the raster image processor will receive a color-managed files, so it will not need to perform this action. What the raster image processor will do is perform basic printer to media calibration for each media type.

The final step of the process will see a reference created, which is then printed and read with a spectrophotometer, which will allow the color management software to assess what colors can be reproduced, and how well they can be reproduced. The output will then be set at a preferred standard and a link will be created so the printer’s colors can be set to the preferred standard.

Color Management for Large Format Printers as a service is provided by AGIS of Los Angeles.


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