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Digital Printer Repair By AGIS

  • Listed: December 6, 2013 11:29 am
AGIS Digital Printer Repair


Expert Digital Printer Repair

With 17 years of experience, Advance Graphix Imaging Solutions (AGIS) is highly qualified to repair your digital printers. We are dedicated to our core business of printer repair and have the customer satisfaction to prove it.

We are authorized by HP, Canon, Mimaki, Scitex, and Epson, among other manufacturers, to repair digital printers, and we hire the best technicians possible.

AGIS,  Your One Stop Digital Printer Repair Shop

Digital printing involves printing a digital based-image, often from a computer. Including inkjet and laser exposure printing, digital printing allows you to print your images to a variety of different media including paper, canvas, and glass.  Digital printing is fast and cost effective, though it does sometimes compromise fine-image detail. Digital printing is a more recent alternative to analog printing, which involves manually replacing printer plates throughout the process. For this reason, digital printing is much faster and cheaper than analog printing. This means that digital printers are invaluable to offices and other businesses, as well as individuals, that frequently print documents, photos, signs, and advertisements, among a myriad of other things. Digital printing has revolutionized large format printing in particular, making it much faster and easier to produce large print materials on a variety of medium suitable to all types of display. Because Digital Printer Repair is the heart of our business, AGIS is committed to knowing everything we can about the wide variety of digital printers on the market so that we can comprehensively serve our large customer base.

What Type Of Digital Printer Repair We Offer 

The two most common types of digital printers that may need Digital Printer Repair are laser printers and inkjet printers. If you are using a laser printer, you are using a process by which a laser beam passes over a charged drum, an image is defined and transferred to paper, and then the paper is heated to fix the image in place. Laser printers are extremely fast, and typically print at a resolution of 600-1200 dpi. In inkjet printing, ink droplets are projected directly onto the printing medium. Inkjet printers are often more desirable for printing images, while laser printers are ideal for black and white jobs. Whichever type of digital printer you use however, AGIS is prepared to help you maintain it.


Digital printers cover an overwhelming variety of manufacturers and models, and for this reason AGIS is your one-stop solution for Digital Printer Repair. Our technicians are highly trained and have expertise with a number of different makes and models of digital printers. Digital printing has become a necessity because of its convenience and speed, so we understand the sense of urgency that comes with a broken printer. At AGIS we provide 24/7 services so that we can fulfill customers’ needs as quickly as possible and ensure satisfaction. We also carry an extensive inventory at all times so that we are able to service the wide variety of digital printer makes and models that our customers use. Whether you use an HP, Canon, Mimaki, Scitext, or Epson, laser or inkjet printer, or another brand altogether, we have the equipment and the expertise to perform a lasting repair.

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