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Grand Format Printer Repair Service By AGIS

  • Listed: December 5, 2013 5:10 pm
Grand format Printer repair service by AGIS


Advance Graphix Imaging Solutions (AGIS) is already well known for our large format printer repair services. Many business will be happy to know that we are also offering  grand format printer repair. You can count on us to ensure that your extra large printing jobs run smoothly, thanks to our expertise and dedication to efficient service.

 AGIS Grand Format Printer Repair Services

Grand format printers go beyond the capabilities of the average large format printer, with the ability to print at a width greater than 70-100 inches. Grand format printers can print images at a high resolution and are adaptable to a variety of media and to a variety of inks. Our customers use grand format printers for interior and exterior signage, wall displays, and event graphics, among other things. Grand format printers have the capability to print on materials including paper, fabric, and vinyl. Advanced technology has allowed for an increase in the quality of grand format printers. Mimaki’s JV5 series has the capability to print at a width of 125 inches, at a speed of 137 square feet per minute, and a high resolution of 540 by 1080 dpi.


Because of the large size and special nature of the materials grand format printers are used for, they often require special parts and special expertise to fix them. AGIS maintains a constant inventory of these parts both onsite and in our 24/7 service vehicles for all grand format printer repair jobs. This means that you will never have to wait long to get your printer fixed. We know that your grand format printer is important to your business and that a technical problem can cost you time as well as money, so we want to ensure that we provide you with quality service as quickly as possible. We also want you to understand the repairs that are being made. Because grand format printers are large, complex machines, our technicians will walk you through repairs so that you know exactly what is being fixed and to ensure you know that we are performing a thorough a job as possible. Our expert repairs provide a longer lifetime for your grand format printers.

 Why Choose AGIS For Your Grand Format Printer Repair

We know that solvent printers are a choice for many grand format printer users. Solvent printers use ink that is not water based, which means that they produce prints that are waterproof and well suited to sings being printed on vinyl and meant for outdoor display. We also know that solvent printers are more prone to breaking because the ink can clog the print heads.

Our technicians are fully trained on Grand Format Printer Repairs

We recommend performing series of preventive maintenance on a monthly or quarterly basis.  By cleaning and replacing all parts and worn items, you increase the performance of your Grand Format Printers while extending its life expectancy.  Regular maintenance also helps increase up-time of your grand format printer.

As an expert Grand Format Printer Repair Service company, we believe with all our  heart that all printers using ink or toner needs to have a series of preventive maintenance performed on them.  This is based on on two things 1) our experience of 30 years in the industry and 2) the manufacturer recommendations for these types of heavy duty equipment.

With a variety of large format printers out there, we strive to provide a comprehensive level of grand format printer repair service on a wide variety of printers including: as well as many other models specific to your business. AGIS has been providing top-quality grand format printer repair service to Southern California for 17 years, and no matter how big the banner or what type of media your business prints on, we are prepared to take on your repairs expertly and efficiently to meet your needs.

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