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HP Designjet Large Format Printer Repair Service

  • Listed: November 30, 2013 1:38 pm
HP DesignJet Large Format Printer Repair Service


HP Designjet Large Format Printer Repair Service by AGIS

Welcome to the HP Designjet large format printer repair page.  Since you have paid thousands of dollars for your large format HP Designjet machine, you’ll want to be certain that repair services are the best.  You want to make sure that the technicians at any service company offers you the perfect combination of knowledge-based experience, efficiency and cost.

The technicians at AGIS has standards of the utmost quality. We can provide you with an efficient and personable Designjet large format printer repair service.  On top of this, provide you with our extensive knowledge to keep your machine maintained to extend the life of the machine.  as HP Designjet large format printer owners ourselves, we know what works and what doesn’t.  This will allow you to use your HP Designjet large format printer with greater ease and while helping you identify or avoid future issues with your machine. Whether your HP Designjet large format printer is for personal use, small-scale businesses or large-output production companies, a malfunction can be inconvenient, time-consuming and have a negative financial impact. Because we fully understand this, we pride ourselves on providing a timely large format printer repair services matched to your schedule.

Here, we’ll talk you through the basics of your HP Designjet large format printer. This information could also be useful for those who have no yet purchased a Designjet large format printer or who are considering buying a new one. However, most of your Designjet large format printer problems can be amended by our team of specialized technicians.


Your HP Designjet  Printer And Our Repair Services

HP Designjet machines can have several mono-modal functions, or can even be multi-functional. These functions include mono- and multi-colored printing, machines which provide printing, scanning and copying, or ones which have printing, scanning, copying and faxing functions. HP Designjet also provides mono-modal, high quality scanners.

HP Designjet features will vary depending on your model. These can include Adobe PostScript and HP-GL2, for example. Connectivity may also be a priority for you, in which case your HP Designjet may have a fast Ethernet connection (100Base-T, for instance) and will be USB 2.0 certified. Many models also have Wi-FI connectivity which will allow them to connect to the internet at the fastest speeds.  HP ePrint is also an available feature. If you are having trouble with these features, we can fix the issue with our HP Designjet repair service.

Designjet printers are also tailored for your production goals. For large-scale, mass production, high-speed and output machines are ideal. A quick printing, scanning or copying function doesn’t mean that quality has to be compromised, though. For professionals in the creative or visual markets, such as photography or textiles, printers are also available with high resolution and a greater number of inks which give your results more depth and clarity.

Designjet printers also have various memory capacities: these can range from 128 MB to anything up to 8 GB. Their output handling features, such as sheet feed, media bin (for example, NA, LAR and EMEA) and automatic cutter are also tailored to your needs. High-range Designjet machines also boast both a larger print (up to 44 inches) and state of the art technology.

We also offer Designjet repair  for mono-function scanners. These use sensitive, state-of-the-art light-sensor technology, such as charged couple devices (CCDs) and photomultiplier tubes (PMTs). These machines are also adapted for their intended use, and are designed for both rapid and quality scanning.

Regardless of what HP Designjet wide format printer you have, we’re sure that our expert service technicians (available 24/7), can get your machine up and running in no time.  Don’t hassle with unauthorized service technicians that don’t have the right tools and parts.  We are #1 for a reason, so give us a call and let us help you get your operation up and running in a jiffy.

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