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HP Latex 360 Printer Review

  • Listed: February 18, 2016 7:08 pm


HP Latex 360 and LX 360 Wide Format Printer SalesHP LATEX 360 PRINTER REVIEW

The importance of an excellent printer in the office cannot be overemphasized. It is essential that your prints are of the finest quality available. HP has for long been known to be the “King of Printers” and with the new 300 series printers, the company has launched itself as a pioneer in latex printing technology. The new 300 Latex family like the 310, 330, and 360 have been gaining traction all over with the high quality print that they promise and consequently deliver.

The HP latex 360 printer specifically, has been gaining popularity mainly for outdoor spaces, banners, temporary textiles wall coverings, event graphics and also vehicle graphics. The reason why it has gained immense popularity is because of the many top notch multi-faceted features that make this printer the best in the world and as resellers we are going to highlight those superb qualities for you:

Main Features

Prints width to 64 inches

HP Latex 310 Printer

The hp latex 360 printer prints to a massive 64 inches this means that you don’t have to worry about the width of the paper you are using as it can print on almost anything and any size out there. Pretty amazing stuff if you are an event’s manager.

Print Speed of up-to 334 Sqft/hr

Speed is one of the most important factors during printing, the faster the better. If you are looking for a fast printer then the hp latex 360 printer is the best choice for you. Not only is it fast but the print will also be of high quality owing to the latex technology it employs. For a company dealing with huge amount of documents and has not time haggling over quality, then this is the printer for you.

Print is completely dry and ready to deliver

Another factor for printers is the condition of the print. Some printers deliver print which is somewhat wet and not ready to be delivered immediately and they therefore need to be left for some time to dry. This is a huge waste of time and can cause unnecessary delays. The hp latex 360printer delivers print that is dry and ready to be delivered, this cuts the amount of time it takes to process documents by half.

Prints on traditional sign substrate and beyond

As mentioned earlier the printer can print on literally anything. While most printers are confined to traditional sign substrate, the printer is able to go much further than that.

Outdoor Durability:

The hp latex 360 printer and other printers in the latex 300 series are able to last longer even if they are used outdoor exposed to elements. If you laminate your printer then the hp latex 360 can last to 5 years working efficiently but even if you don’t laminate it, like most of us don’t, you are guaranteed of 3 years of fine service with almost no down time.

Odorless, water based HP inks

One of the very many advantages of using latex technology is that the ink used is odorless. Ink jet technology uses inks that sometimes have a strong pungent smell. Ink odor can be repulsive to some people thus it is very important that your print is odorless and is delivered consistently by hp latex 360.


No special Ventilation required

Many printers require special ventilation to take the care of the fumes that come after the printing process particularly if you’re running a hard solvent machine. With the hp latex 360 you don’t have to worry about that, the ink dries up as soon as printing is done and there are no fumes produced.


High printing speed and processing of print

As mentioned earlier the hp latex 360 is one of the fastest in the market. At a speed of up to 334sq ft/hr the printer is way faster than its peers. The printer also delivers print that requires no drying and is ready to be delivered. These two factors make the hp latex 360 simply unbeatable as far as speed is concerned.

High Image quality

Image printing is a key tool particularly for business which is highly involved in graphics. One needs a printer that can print a sharp image and also do it consistently. The printer delivers on that with the help of latex technology.


The printer use heaters to cure the media to make it ready for delivery. It thus tends to consume a lot of energy. It is reported that the media require up to 120°C which is way above that required for Mimaki Latex that needs 60°C.


The Hp Laser 360 is generally one of the best in the market. Having been the first to adopt latex printing technology it delivers very high quality print and images. It is also very fast compared to most of its peers and at $18,995 this printer is definitely a contender for the top spot in the market.


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