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Large Format Printer Repair By AGIS

  • Listed: December 5, 2013 4:11 pm
AGIS Large Format Printer Repair


AGIS Large Format Printer Repair

Investment in large format printers are usually high, making them quite valuable to a company. It is only prudent that much care is taken in guarding such investments. AGIS is in the business of ensuring each of your investments achieves over and above what the investor anticipates. With over 17 years of proven record in the field, AGIS can confidently claim authority in being the leading large format printer repair-Jen. We have dealt with all manner of cases related to large format printer repair-this gives us the confidence to take up your case. The leading large format printer manufacturers have entrusted us with the repairs on their large format printers that is why we have in-depth knowledge of each and every spare part.

We work 24/7 with fully equipped service stations and vehicles, this has led us to record a 98% fix rate on first call. Apart from the experience gained over time, all our team members are experts who are keen on emerging trends as well as the issues that face large format printer repairs. You need experts-AGIS is the place to go. Our prices are fair-every client is assured of value for their money.

Large Format Printer Repair-Tips for users

There are a few areas of the large format printer that have been of constant concern for many owners of large format printers.

One among the areas key of many investors in large format printers that have called for large format printer repairs is the print head. Epson printers provide for replaceable print heads while Canon, and Hp are often permanent. It is important that owners of large format printers take into account the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding print heads. Those are easy to maintain like Canon and Hp should equally be taken care of while the replaceable ones needs to be planned for a head of time so that you are not caught un-aware.  To prolong the life span of print heads and reduce on large format printer repairs, owners of such printers need to be careful with the use of ‘fine art’ papers. These papers give great output but if they are fed into the printer wrongly, then they are bound to drastically reduce on the lifespan of a print head. Inactivity is also another factor that shortens the lifespan of large format printer heads and increases the rate of large format printer repairs. The sitting of ink for such large format printers like Epson can be drastic. Always try to reduce the inactive periods for your large format printer. In the event you take time off, be sure to shake the ink pack gently.

It is also wise that owners of large format printers consider replacing such consumables like dampers, capping stations and print heads as often as it is needed and do required repairs and maintenance.

At the end of the day, you need your large format printer running. It is good that one calls on the expert large format printer repair team to help them repair their printers.

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