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Large Format Scanner Repair By AGIS

  • Listed: December 3, 2013 1:42 pm
AGIS Scitex Large Format Scanner Repair


AGIS Quality Large Format Scanner Repair

We also offer Large Format Scanner repair. We are a fully authorized manufacturer service company for a vast range of manufacturers, including HP, Canon, Mimaki, Scitex, Epson and many more. This means that our experienced servicemen are fully authorized to offer Large Format Scanner repair to your company.

A large format scanner works by the same principles as a regular-sized printer. This means it works around light reflecting and light-detecting mechanisms, which will be described in more detail below. It is electronically engineered and programmed to hook up to your operating system as well as the associated scanning programs, in which you are able to edit and adjust your images. Unfortunately, a malfunction can potentially occur at any point during this process, but AGIS is here with affordably priced Large Format Scanner repair.

If you’re the user of a large format scanner, then we understand that this means your turnaround probably has to meet high standards, and to strict deadlines. Whether you use your scanner for personal or small-scale services or to provide large-scale or industrial results, a malfunction can cause you serious inconvenience. We are here to ensure that a malfunction is assessed and, if possible, fixed in the most efficient and timely way and which meet your schedule with our diverse Large Format Scanner repair options.

Our technicians have an extensive knowledge about large format scanners and have met the highest technical service standards. If you so wish, they will also be able to explain the malfunction in order to not only enhance your understanding about your large format scanner, but also to potentially avoid the need for you to call a Large Format Scanner repair serviceman in the future, thus minimizing future reparation costs. Below is some basic information about the large format scanners that we repair.

Your Large Format Scanner And Our Large Format Scanner Repair Services

Large format scanners are specialized machinery. They operate by projecting light at the document (or object) which reflects onto a photosensitive element – usually a light-sensitive electronic circuit known as a ‘charged coupled device’ (CDD). However, more advanced scanners use an alternative light-sensing technology known as a ‘photomultiplier tube’ (PMT) – these produce much higher quality images which makes this technology more suited to professionals who’s priorities are on producing accurate visuals. We are also able to service the lower-end of the market, namely scanners using contact image sensors (CISs) or complementary metal oxide semiconductors (CMOSs). However, it’s unlikely that your large format scanner will operate using a CMOS. Any problem at the light-emitting, light-detecting, mechanical or electronic levels will result in a fault. Our AGIS Large Format Scanner repair tech’s can locate and fix these issues with ease.

Large format scanners may make copies of large-sized prints, original textiles or other materials which may be required for artwork and posters, for example, though these ‘Art scanners’ are not the only option, though. Large format scanners also produce sharp copies of A0 sized documents, which is often has a general-use function. Blueprint scanners are also a popular range and can create fast, accurate copies which capture the finest technical details. Finally, Map scanners are specialized for their high-resolution and crisp copies which maintain map dimensions and produce the level of accuracy required.

Depending on your workflow, large format scanners can also be specialized to provide a streamline production. A quick scanning function doesn’t mean that quality has to be compromised, though.  A state-of-the-art design and programming coupled with a top-notch light-sensing technology makes for a speedy scanner which also produces high resolution images.

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