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Large Printer Service Technician

  • Listed: January 28, 2014 10:59 pm
Large Format PRinter Technician


Large format printers are amazing advancements in the printing world allowing for printing on a variety of surfaces and sizes quickly and cost effectively.  Although printers are generally reliable, malfunctions can occur at any time as with any mechanical device.

It is sometimes difficult to know if your printing problem is a hardware issue or a software problem. Sometimes it’s nothing more than a wrong setting in the software. Other times it’s an issue with a corruption of the software programming. It may help your diagnosis if you understand a bit more about the software your printer is using.

Large Printer Service Technician at your Service

RIP (raster image processor) is a newer but popular software system used for printing documents and images. RIP software is fundamental as it alters the format of your printing project so that it can be understood by the printer. RIP converts your vector graphics, such as CorelDraw, to raster graphics and images. Although many advanced printers already come with RIP software pre-installed it does have settings that can be manually changed. If you cannot print at all and receive error messages, this could be software related. Try going to the control panel and change all settings back to factory default and see if this allow you to print.

Adobe Acrobat is another popular software system. PDF files are widely accepted formats but can cause some printing problems such as missing fonts, color distortion, and missing images. You should try to correct these issues by using Adobes PDR preflight tool. The preflight tool frequently detects problems and fixes them automatically before printing, this saving you both time and money in lost ink and materials. Adobe Acrobat Professional and Adobe Acrobat Pro series come with the preflight tool built into the software to detect problems in advance and alert you to them before you actually print.

Common Large Format Printer Technical Issues

Another common problem is print head issues. Some brands of printers seem to be in need of regular cleaning. If you print out has white or black lines throughout the image or text, dirty print heads are most likely the issue. This is especially true if the printer has not been used, or has been barely used, in the past 60 days. Some inks tend to harden or settle and clog both lines and print heads. Most people are reluctant to use the automated head cleaning system as it uses a considerable amount if expensive ink to do so. Therefore another option would be to purchase a printer flushing system that will fill the ink lines and print heads with a safe solution for storage and clears out ink clogged lines and print heads.

Large Format Printer Technical Recommendations

Something many buyers do not consider in their initial purchase is that all printers need regular preventive maintenance, much like a car. If you are fairly certain you have ruled software problems and your attempts to clean the print heads still have not resolved your problem, it might be time to call a service technician for maintenance service. After viewing your problem, an experienced service technician should be able to tell you if your problem can be solved by common things replaced and cleaned during maintenance service or if a larger repair issue is in the works.

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