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Mimaki Large Format Printer Professionals

  • Listed: February 15, 2015 9:53 pm


mimaki wide format printer service los angelesMimaki’s The Word

Japanese printing enthusiasts at Mimaki wide format printers bring incredible large format inkjet printers to the worlds of textiles, industry and graphics. Established in 1975 Mimaki continues to grow as a leading print company across the globe. The engineering excellence continues throughout the whole package including the exclusive software and the relevant consumables such as ink and the cutting blades.

Although the Mimaki wide format printer is a flawless brand when it comes to large format printing there is always going to be issues in whatever technology there is. Even the best quality equipment can have off days. Many faults are impeccably close to the common issues you would find in a regular home based size printer which as we all know can be a pain but they can also be fixed.

Our Mimaki Large Format Printer Professionals

However what happens when your immaculate Mimaki printer needs servicing? That’s where we come in. We have a bank of highly specialist staff ready at any time of the day to bring your printer back to speed. Our professionals have the qualifications they need to make sure that your wide format Mimaki wide format printer is at least 98% better than when they first touched it.

A benefit of using our experienced team over untrained factory workers is that specialists know every trick in the book. They will be getting into the nuts and bolts of situation to get you back up and running. In addition our staff have access to the essential tools needed to correct any issues which are not commonly available in local stores.

Having the right tools and experience to carry out maintenance on your large format printer guarantees that our technicians don’t do a good job, they do a great job.

Can You Fix My Mimaki wide format printer?

Our professionals are highly trained to be able to fix any Mimaki large format printer at a moment’s notice. However if you’re unsure as to whether your printer can be serviced here’s a short list of the different models we can work on for you.

T S 500 – 1800 This textile printer has an unrivalled printing speed of 150m2/h on transfer papers. It also comes equipped with the Mimaki degassing module which prevents any blockage occurring in the printer’s nozzle.

TPC 1000 An amazing model which prints at the outstanding quality of up to 1440 dpi on all of its projects. This Mimaki large format printer also prints out to the size of 130 cm.

JV5-320DS A great wide format printer from Mimaki. This model can print up to the size of 3.2 metres making it ideal for large scale projects. With this printer both transfer and direct printing options are available and it has the ability to print on to pre tested fabrics.

JV33 Series This in particular model can print up to 17.5 sqm/h. A bonus with this wide format printer is that it has the options of mild and eco solvent inks to work with.


For your printer to be fixed by the best in greater Los Angeles contact us now!


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