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Mimaki Large Format Printer Repair By AGIS

  • Listed: November 27, 2013 1:49 pm
AGIS Mimaki Large Format Printer Repair


Mimaki Large Format Printer Repair by the best in Southern California

If you need Mimaki Large Format Printer repair or servicing, then look no further. We are a fully authorized manufacturer service company for every style Mimaki Large Format Printer. This means that our certified technicians have met the Mimaki’s quality standards and have extensive experience in providing swift, personable and efficient repair services.

Mimaki is one of America’s leading manufacturers of printing tools. However, printer malfunctions can occur for any number of reasons, even to the best of designs. Mimaki Large format printer repair and parts work by the same principles as a regular printer, which means that they are prone to the same mechanical and electronic faults. Such malfunctions can be both frustrating, uneconomical and  inconvenient to say the least. We are here to meet all your Mimaki printer repair needs.

 All About Your Mimaki Large Format Printer Repair

This Japanese company specializes in l Mimaki Large Format Printer repair and parts intended for creative and industrial markets. Their innovative technologies meet the standards required by professionals who require both high quality and low maintenance, and Mimaki are responsible for producing every element of their products – right down to the cutting blades.

Mimaki inkjet technology includes Aqueous dye sublimation and is Eco-Solvent (environmentally-friendly) curabile. Available models include Latex, Solvent-UV and UV printing. Specialized models. All use USB 2.0 interface and have different printing speeds available. These will be outlined below.


  1. Latex (JV400LX series). These durable printers not only use eco-friendly inks which are manufactured by Mimaki to dry more quickly, but also have low curing temperatures which minimize energy costs and consumption. The production rate of this 6-color printer  is at an estimated 18 square metre per hour and print widths are available at either 1371 mm or 1620 mm. It is also the world’s first latex Mimaki Large Format Printer to use white ink.


  1. Mimaki Large Format Printer Repair Solvent-UV (JV400SUV series). This printer uses UV-cured inks which provide smooth, glossy prints which have a high resistance to scratches and weathering. This 4-color printer has a production output of 18.1 square metres per hour and, again, is available in two print widths (1371 or 1620 mm). We also offer Mimaki Large Format Printer Repair Solvent-UV style printers


  1. Mimaki Large Format Printer UV (UJF-6042, UJV500-160, UJF-3042 amongst many). These printers use UV ink, which dries immediately when exposed to UV light. This makes it possible to print on an extensive range of surfaces, including coated or uncoated paper or material, glass, plastic, wood and even metal.


  1. Mimaki Large Format Printer Solvent (JV33, CJV30 and the JV34-260 series to name but a few). Solvent large format printers are the standard printing formats which have some of the widest use worldwide. These models also have eco-friendly inks available. These emit less VOCs while retaining extraordinary clarity, definition and durability.


  1. Mimaki Large Format Printer Textile (JV33, TS3-1600, TS5-1600AMF series among others). Mimaki large format printers are one of the leading brands for those in the textile markets. These machines range from entrey level print-and-cut machines to those with reactive, acid and pigment inks. These large format printers have adjustable head heights, can print around 17.5 square metres per hours whilst retaining a high quality.

Seeing how diverse Mimaki Large Format Printer options are, it is easy to understand why you would need professional service. AGIS is here to give your printer the exact services needed to keep you on track and in business.

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