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OKI data digital color printer Repair – Los Angeles

  • Listed: April 15, 2014 6:47 pm
oki data printer repair


oki data printer repairOKI Data – The best Digital Color Printers Repair in Los Angeles

Oki Data has been the leading edge provider of many types of printers in the USA.  The range of OKI data products includes; digital color and monochrome printers, color and monochrome multifunction products, serial impact dot matrix printers, thermal label printers and POS printers.  Owning an OKI data digital color printer has many benefits over the other brands.  Because OKI data has built its reputation and success with their 1) quality digital printers and 2) amazing customer support, you are in good hands with OKI Data.

Aside from OKI Data’s world renowned reputation, there is truly no digital color printer that can compare to the quality of output by OKI.  OKI continues to reinvent it’s products, making them the best digital color printer company in the market.

Authorized OKI data digital color printer Repair – Los Angeles

As an authorized dealer of OKI Data digital printers, AGIS is your go to OKI data repair service center for the greater Los Angeles region.  With the immense training and experience of AGIS in the large format printer and digital printing equipment arena, AGIS has learned to appreciate the quality of OKI data printers.  This is the very reason why AGIS took the time to not only sell and service OKI data equipment in the Southern California area, AGIS became an authorized OKI data dealer and service center.

TIPs – OKI data digital color printer Repair – Los Angeles 

Granted OKI data digital printers is one of the best brands on the market, machines do not always last a lifetime.  With good care and regular maintenance, you can have your OKI data digital printer lasting longer; giving you more beautiful prints and a lower cost of ownership.  Here are a few tips that we offer our OKI data printer owners:

Paper Jams – OKI data digital Printers

If you have pressed the copy button and you find that your digital printer has jammed, you’ll wan to stop the process and take a look at where the paper has been caught.  Remember to not be too rough on these machines when opening and closing compartments.  When you see the “paper jam” error on the screen, you may also want to consider the form of media you are using.  Oftentimes we find that our customers are using too thin paper or damaged paper that gets caught in the rollers.  Another thing to consider is to see if the printer is properly leveled on the floor, sometimes if the machine is on an uneven floor surface, the machine will not operate properly therefore causing paper jams.

Print Quality Problems – OKI data digital Printers

If you encounter poor print quality on your OKI data digital color printer, it may be that is has to do with the components of the machine.  If you face the following issues, you should consider calling AGIS to come to your site and inspect the machine:

  • Faded digital color copies
  • Blurred documents
  • Shading in the copies
  • Smudges on copies

These print-quality problems on the OKI data digital Printers can easily be repaired.  Upon inspection of your OKI data printer, we may find that poor quality prints may be caused by:

  • a dirty LED
  • outdated toner cartridges
  • improperly-closed top covers
  • damaged or incorrect media
  • a faulty image drum or more


Accessing quality manufacturer authorized service for your OKI data Printer has never been easier.  Benefit from the AGIS repair service and maintenance team.  Give us a call today.

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