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UV Flatbed Wide Format Printer Repair Problems

  • Listed: March 6, 2014 12:42 am
uv flatbed grand format printer repair services
UV Flatbed Large Format Printer Repair


UV Flatbed Large Format Printer RepairUV Flatbed Wide Format Printer Repair

UV flatbed Wide and grand format printing has many advantages over other printing devices. No matter the size or shape of the material, as long as it’s flat and not larger than the flatbed itself, you can most likely print on it. It’s almost like a giant copy machine, only with better graphics. On an environmental level, a UV flatbed, whether it’s large or grand format, is based on a much more sustainable system than the old solvent variety printers as it uses fewer cartridges and much less pollution of the indoor air.

That’s not to say that UV flatbed wide format and grand format printer repairs are easily solved.  The majority of the time, these printers runs for years with little maintenance and no problems but like all mechanical devices, nothing is problem free forever. What you need to determine, however, is the problem actually mechanical in nature or is it a firmware or even a software problem? Here we list common complaints about UV flatbed printers.

uv flatbed grand format printer repair servicesWhen I print larger areas of block colors it looks like it has tire tracks running through them. Is this an ink or a printer problem?  Actually, this is an operator issue. Since UV flatbeds cure the ink immediately, on the second pass the ink is not mixing with the original ink as it would on other printers. You need to be certain of the print head calibration is 100 per cent and that your feed rates are not too fast. If you are uncertain of what the exact calibration or feed rates should be, contact your original supplier or your UV flatbed large format and grand format printer repair person.

My screen is flashing “press power button to clean”, what does that mean? Does my machine need maintenance?  If you have pressed the power button and the machine does not work or gives you an error message such as 1234 or the like, this is simply akin to your computer freezing up. Try unplugging the printer for a few moments. If that does not work, pull the ink cartridges out, then reinsert them and turn on the printer again. If you are still receiving this message or another error message then you will need to call your repair person.

I have Corel installed on my UV flatbed printer but when performing certain tasks, it crashes. Is this a Corel problem or my printer or something else?  Most likely the problem is with Corel. Corel X5 is known for crashing occasionally. Try installing Corel X6; it seems to be more efficient regarding multi core processors and 64 bit versions of Windows. Update and be sure you have the latest version.

There are numerous support boards and website to help you determine if your problem lies with the printer itself, inks, materials, or software. When all else fails, however, it’s time to call your UV flatbed large format and grand format printer repair person.

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