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Water Based Large Format Printer Repair Performed By AGIS

  • Listed: December 7, 2013 4:11 pm
AGIS Water Based Printer Repair


AGIS Water Based Large Format Printer Repair


AGIS leads the market in ensuring maximum gains from the much hyped water based prints. The recent past has seen fashion trends richly appreciate the art of water based printing. Leading manufacturers keep on improving on this technology to ensure the very best for the market. At AGIS, we want to ensure that right from when you purchase your water based printer to warranties, repairs and disposal of your machine-you have a great time.  The leading manufacturers have entrusted us with doing Water Based Printer Repair. Such companies include Epson, Canon, Hp, Mimaki and Scitex among others. More than 17 years have seen us excel with every opportunity attaining a 98% fix rate on first calls. We offer excellent and immediate 24/7 services to all our clients; the result have been a whole lot of more that extremely satisfied customers.

The AGIS Water Based Printer Repair is comprised of experts who are talented, skilled, trained and certified by the leading water based printer. With every visit to our shop or a call to your premise, the team ensures a superb job is done on your printer. The team will be more than glad to answer each and every question you could be having concerning printing and at the same time they would gladly share with you tips that will see you to greater heights of profitability and productivity.

Water Based Printer Repair


The wonders of water based print are many! The resultant ‘soft hand’ effect has been the selling point for water based prints making the prints-especially the T-shirts most popular in the market. For anyone going for high speed roll-to-roll yardage printing, water based printing is the best option. In addition, prints that need great ink penetration like on towels, water based printing remains the best option in the market.

To come out with the very best of prints, an investor needs to take good care of their water based printer. Water Based Printer Repair offers the very best of care for the machines. Maintenance is important in prolonging the life and maximizing the potential of every machine. Call us to service your machine and ensure everything runs smoothly.

There are those unfortunate instances when the machine breaks down! Pray that this does not happen when you have pressing deadlines for clients or when it is peak and you are counting every minute for money! At this tense moment our team wants to come and bring fresh delightful air into the room. Water Based Printer Repair can work on every one of the faults and have you running within no time.

We also advocate for going green. While many think that water based inks can be run down the drainage, the environment suffers due to the components that make up the ink. Our Water Based Printer Repair team are sure to give expert advice on how to properly dispose-off the waste products from water based printing.

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