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AGIS and Our Clients

| Large Format Printers, Large Format Printing | August 21, 2018

AGIS and Our Clients

AGIS is proud to work with many clients throughout the printing industry. Several of these clients include the likes of Avery, Dickson Coatings, and Clear Focus One Way Vision Films, just to name a few. Aside from the industry that they operate in, one thing that all of these companies have in common, is that AGIS helps manufacture the products that they sell.


Top Dog Film

In addition to the clients listed above, AGIS also works with companies that offer other services related to the printing industry. Top Dog Film is one of these companies and they sell heat transfer film. This type of material that AGIS also sells to Top Dog Film, is used to put digital images and other pictures on your t-shirts. Essentially, this is how we dip into the fashion industry a little bit. More specifically, our heat transfer film is the material that the image is printed on, before it’s then attached to the t-shirt that Top Dog Film sells.


More Than Just Advertising and Marketing

As well as the numerous other clients that the company takes care of, AGIS also supplies such companies as Mojave Digital Media and SiHL. Mojave Digital Media and AGIS work together to make printed images, in that we supply them with our films and inks for the printers that they use, to create their banners and other types of media.On the other hand, SiHL prints their own media, but at AGIS we’re authorized to repair and install the printers that they use. Being a reliable supplier for companies that print images and banners like Mojave Digital Media, or Top Dog Film with heat transfer film, is just a few ways that AGIS has diversified itself in several other markets. Although some of the supplies that we provide do end up marketing sales at department stores, we work in particular with materials such as those that floor graphics are made of. With that being said, the next time you’re at a department store and you see a sale banner and sign, or the next time you’re at an expo and you see what look like stickers on the floor with images or words, just know that we provided the materials for the printing companies to print that on.

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