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Roland Wide Format Printer Repair Services Los Angeles

| Large Format Printers | August 23, 2018

Roland Wide Format Printer Repair Services Los Angeles

AGIS is proud to offer Roland Wide Format Printer Repair Services in the greater Los Angeles area.  Our staff of not only professionally trained large format printer service technicians, we are factory certified by Roland.  While some companies claim to have experience and know-how, our professional team stand apart from the competition.  We have the industry experience, giving us the knowledge, tools and most importantly the right equipment required to successfully troubleshoot on the first time visit.  Our fix rate is over 98% success rate, because we are factory trained and certified on Roland wide format printers.

roland soljet large format printer service

Don’t go with Cheap, Go with AGIS Roland Wide Format Printer Repair Services

Sure, you may look elsewhere for a “cheaper” alternative for Roland large format printer repair and maintenance services, but you must ask yourself “at what cost”?  There are plenty that are willing to fool around with your machine to see if they can repair it, however many of our calls are fixing someone else’s work.  Don’t waste time and money with non-certified technicians.  As authorized Roland wide-format printer dealers and technicians, we will get your business back up and running in no time.

Service Vehicles for Roland Wide Format Printer Repair Service – 98% up time rate

Our technical staff come with vehicles loaded with Roland wide format printer OEM parts and resources, giving you the “peace of mind” that you need.  Our professional team has the experience, knowledge and equipment needed to perform many wide format printer repair and maintenance services that other companies have to contract out. Having the ability to perform these services in-house minimizes both the cost and time associated with large format printer repairs.

Large Format Printer Diagnostics

Our Roland wide format printer diagnostics is not expensive.  Give us a quick call and ask for pricing on your specific machine.  The diagnostic charge will be applied towards the wide format printer repair cost once the problems have been identified and you approve the service.   At AGIS, we’ve helped numerous local companies over the last 25 years.  We are #1 trusted in Southern California for many reasons, but the biggest reason is our quality and professional workmanship.  When a large format printer is down, every minute counts.  Don’t waste time, just give us a call and let us take care of your machine and get you back to business.

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AGIS and Our Clients

| Large Format Printers, Large Format Printing | August 21, 2018

AGIS and Our Clients

AGIS is proud to work with many clients throughout the printing industry. Several of these clients include the likes of Avery, Dickson Coatings, and Clear Focus One Way Vision Films, just to name a few. Aside from the industry that they operate in, one thing that all of these companies have in common, is that AGIS helps manufacture the products that they sell.


Top Dog Film

In addition to the clients listed above, AGIS also works with companies that offer other services related to the printing industry. Top Dog Film is one of these companies and they sell heat transfer film. This type of material that AGIS also sells to Top Dog Film, is used to put digital images and other pictures on your t-shirts. Essentially, this is how we dip into the fashion industry a little bit. More specifically, our heat transfer film is the material that the image is printed on, before it’s then attached to the t-shirt that Top Dog Film sells.


More Than Just Advertising and Marketing

As well as the numerous other clients that the company takes care of, AGIS also supplies such companies as Mojave Digital Media and SiHL. Mojave Digital Media and AGIS work together to make printed images, in that we supply them with our films and inks for the printers that they use, to create their banners and other types of media.On the other hand, SiHL prints their own media, but at AGIS we’re authorized to repair and install the printers that they use. Being a reliable supplier for companies that print images and banners like Mojave Digital Media, or Top Dog Film with heat transfer film, is just a few ways that AGIS has diversified itself in several other markets. Although some of the supplies that we provide do end up marketing sales at department stores, we work in particular with materials such as those that floor graphics are made of. With that being said, the next time you’re at a department store and you see a sale banner and sign, or the next time you’re at an expo and you see what look like stickers on the floor with images or words, just know that we provided the materials for the printing companies to print that on.

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HP Adhesive Polypropylene Gloss

| Lamination Film | July 30, 2018

HP Adhesive Polypropylene Gloss

AGIS’s HP adhesive polypropylene gloss is great for both decoration and advertising. It can stick to any surface including walls, company vehicles, cabinets, and refrigerators to name a few. It’s easy to apply and is one of the products that we offer to printing companies for their clients. As a matter of fact, the adhesive is used across various cities surrounding the local LA county area.


Considering the numerous routes that city buses take, they serve as a great vehicle to place this adhesive. In fact, that’s how printing companies apply our polypropylene gloss to their everyday marketing. Nevertheless, vehicles need a washing every now and then, which is why polypropylene is very efficient due to its water resistant qualities. As a result, cars with the adhesive polypropylene gloss require less washing, the car wash will not compromise the adhesive. All things considered,this is why polypropylene makes such a great tool for both advertising and branding. As stated before, our adhesive can be applied to any surface including walls. In truth, some businesses go to the printing companies that use our adhesive, to advertise products or items they sell. Essentially, images show customers what products look like, without actually having to set foot inside the store.


Although frequently the case, our polypropylene is not only used for commercial purposes.Instead, some people have used the printing companies we service to, in order to decorate their own home or their personal belongings, such as decals for their cars. The adhesive can be used for both commercial and personal decor in almost any environment. Furthermore, it doesn’t have to be in residential, the adhesive has been used to decorate and market in a commercial setting.


Learn more at http://agisweb.com/products/hp-adhesive-polypropylene-36-gloss

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Advanced Graphix Imaging Solutions Los Angeles

| Large Format Printers, Large Format Printing | June 26, 2018

Advanced Graphix Imaging Solutions Los Angeles

Advanced Graphix Imaging Solutions, or AGIS as we like to call ourselves, is a company that specializes in both printers and printing services. The personnel that we employ, are specially trained to quickly respond within 4 hours to service calls. The technicians that we deploy, can fix any technical issue that you may have with your printer and can even manage same day delivery. Our company is an authorized service center for many well known brands such as HP, Epson and Mimaki. This means that our technicians are highly trained to work on HP, Epson, and Mimaki products, thus allowing our company to provide exceptional service for our loyal community of customers.


AGIS Brands & Products

There are many other brands and products that we offer. Some brands besides the ones discussed earlier are: Caldera, UltraFlex Systems, Dickson Coatings, Roland, and OCE (which is owned by Canon). Several of the products also include different types of vinyl that allow our clients to advertise on the side of public transportation, such as with buses. Also, AGIS sells ink for the printers we sell as well. Some products like HP Adhesive Polypropylene Gloss are also sold here, so you can put your images or ads anywhere, ranging from a simple image to put on your refrigerator, to an ad on the front door of your business.



The inks we pitch are mostly for HP and Epson printers, but we do also sell one type of Canon ink. Some of the ink, such as the cartridges for the HP 881, come in 5 liter inks, meaning that you won’t be running out of ink anytime soon. The inks come in a range of different colors, including: black, magenta, cyan and yellow.


Contacting AGIS

We are located in Paramount City, which is in the LA county area, meaning that there’s plenty of advertising to go around using our brands and products. For a consultation call 310-921-2424, or fax 310-921-6553.

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Best Large Format Printer Service Technicians

| Large Format Printers, Large Format Printing | May 12, 2018

Many ask us at AGISWeb.com , why do you think you have the

Best Large Format Printer Service Technicians?

We are factory trained and authorized to work on many brands for all types of large format printers.  From wide format printers and grand large format printers, we cover them all.  Being factory trained by HP, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland, Epson, Canon and so much more, we at AGISWeb offer the very best value to our customers.  Why go to a cheap wide format printer service provide from Craigslist where you don’t know if they really know their amount of training, when you can go to a trusted printer repair source in the greater Los Angeles region?

Large Format Printer Service of Los Angeles

We offer large format printer services in the greater Los Angeles region, covering the following services:

Best Large Format Printer Service Technicians of Los Angeles

We are the most trusted wide format printer repair service technicians of the greater Los Angeles region.  We offer quality care when it comes to your equipment.  Along with our factory trained technicians, we utilize the tools and resources from manufacturers, therefore offer a fast turnaround time onsite.  With 98.8% uptime upon the first time visit, it is no wonder why so many Los Angeles customers of ours trust AGISWeb.com for quality wide format printers and repair services. 

Large Printer Service Available 24/7

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ATI Laminates – Wall Art

| Slider | April 16, 2015

ATI Laminates – Wall Art

ati wall laminates los angeles
We’ve come a long way since just painting our cave walls.  Walls, ceilings, back splashes, furniture and even floors have become a place to express and showcase creativity, individuality, uniqueness and promote your brand.
Take advantage of all these aspects with the array of products ATI Laminates has to offer.
There is no end to the surfaces that can be covered in today’s new high pressure laminate materials.

wall art - laminates los angeslesATI Laminates – Art on your wall or your wall as art?

ATI Laminates has a stunning collection of designer finishes to choose from or you can custom create a look to your unique specifications.  Imagine your iconic branded image on the front of the reception desk in your lobby setting the tone for your customers’ experience. Or the walls of your showroom enveloping your customer in an experience they can feel.

wall paper laminates - custom
For over 35 years ATI Laminates – wall art has stood out as the leader in thermoplastic and metal laminates for both commercial and residential use. ATI’s 70,000 square foot state of the art facility allows you to rest assured you’re receiving a quality product made in the USA under the highest of standards.

wall laminates - wall art
Don’t let your surfaces go bare.  Call AGIS (310) 921-2424 for your wall paper, wall laminate needs.

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Large Format Printer Latex Printer Repair Technology

| Large Format Printers | January 19, 2015

Large Format Printer Latex Printer Repair Technology

Large Format Latex Printers are large sized printers which are used to print billboards, sign posts and similar stuff with amazing clarity. The durability of the print is high because most of the things printed using the latex printers find application outdoors where they have to withstand harsh weather condition which can cause the print to fade or get smudged. The quality of the print is quite impressive and its life can be around 3 years or more depending on the outdoor condition. As the working of the latex printer is complex, it can have troubles which requires latex large format printer repair. Lack of maintenance and rugged use can also cause the latex printers to ask for frequent repairs. The print quality of the objects printed by a latex printer is mostly due to the latex ink which is way better than the solvent based ink. The durability factor, shine and clarity of this type of ink have an upper hand as compared to other ink or printing technology.

The large format latex printing technology is relatively new and has taken the printing world by storm by providing exceptional print quality for larger printouts. There are many brands that have started to launch their range of latex printers and as a consumer; you must review the product before you HPLatex360Printersss. However, in those rare events, you can get it repaired at the service centre of the brand or at a reputed large format latex printer repair service provider. These latex printers have made the job of the marketers quite easy and convenient as they can print sign boards, billboards, paintings and all such things with great clarity and varying sizes. It is, however, recommended that you buy these latex printers from reputed brands so that your experience hassles free printing.

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Maghold – Bigger, Thinner, Stronger Printable Magnets for Large Format

| Large Format Printers, Large Format Printing | October 7, 2014

Maghold – Bigger, Thinner, Stronger Printable Magnets for Large Format

Looking for high quality flexible magnet sheets/rolls for large format printing?  We at AGIS offer large format printing magnet sheets available in both 40″ and 48″ widths for large format signs, screen printing, POP displays, digital imaging and more.

With the new Maghold wide format magnet sheets, you get bigger, stronger, wider, yet thinner sheets of magnets that is compatible with all magnet wall systems.

Available in .010 or .030 “thickness, Maghold can be used for most print media applications.  You can laminate single sided, double sided, and plain, matte, gloss, white vinyl, inkjet paper, photo paper, PET, art paper, PP film, paper and adhesive.

maghold large format printing magnet sheetsPrintable Magnets for Large Format – For outdoor and indoor applications

Up to 48 inches wide. Print directly on flexible magnetic material with large format solvent, eco-solvent, UV and latex inkjet printers.

  • Widths of 40” to 48”
  • Thicknesses of .010 or .030″
    (does not include thickness of laminate)
  • Easily cut with scissors, hobby knife, die-cutter or cutting plotter

Save production time by printing directly onto this flexible magnet. The special printable surface brings out the brilliant color of your designs and visual images to create high impact P.O.P. displays, temporary signage, vehicle graphics, message boards, teaching aids, portraits, decorative magnets, photos, and more.

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HP Z6100 OEM Inks for Sale

| Slider | September 16, 2014

HP Z6100 OEM Inks for Sale

We at AGIS offer OEM HP Z6100 ink cartridges at a great discount.  Instead of the $293.00 you’d pay for these HP 91 ink cartridges, AGIS has these 775 mil ink cartridges available for only $230.28, that is a $62.71 discount per cartridge!

These are the HP Z6100 OEM inks for sale:

HP 91 775-ml Pigment Cyan Ink Cartridge for HP Z6100 C9467A
HP 91 775-ml Pigment Light Cyan Ink Cartridge C9470A
HP 91 775-ml Pigment Light Gray Ink Cartridge C9466A
HP 91 775-ml Pigment Light Magenta Ink Cartridge C9471A
HP 91 775-ml Pigment Magenta Ink Cartridge C9468A
HP 91 775-ml Pigment Matte Black Ink Cartridge C9464A
HP 91 775-ml Pigment Matte Black Ink Cartridge C9464A
HP 91 775-ml Pigment Yellow Ink Cartridge C9469A

HP Latex L25500 OEM Inks for Sale

Only $125.00 each!
HP 789 775ml Black Latex Designjet Ink Cartridge for L25500
HP 789 775ml Cyan Latex Designjet Ink Cartridge for L25500
HP 789 775ml Yellow Latex Designjet Ink Cartridge for L25500
HP 789 775ml Magenta Latex Designjet Ink Cartridge for L25500
HP 789 775ml Light Cyan Latex Designjet Ink Cartridge for L25500
HP 789 775ml Light Magenta Designjet Ink Cartridge for L25500

HP Latex L26500 OEM Inks for Sale

Only $125.00 each!
HP 792 775ml Black Latex Designjet Ink Cartridge for L26500
HP 792 775ml Cyan Latex Designjet Ink Cartridge for L26500
HP 792 775ml Magenta Latex Designjet Ink Cartridge for L26500
HP 792 775ml Yellow Latex Designjet Ink Cartridge for L26500
HP 792 775ml Light Cyan Latex Designjet Ink Cartridge for L26500
HP 792 775ml Light Magenta Latex Designjet Ink Cartridge for L26500

Why Shop With Us?

When you shop with AGIS, you’ll choose from brand name ink cartridge manufacturers —the industry’s top names—at low prices. But that’s not it, we also offer quality graphics imaging solutions; including print media, substrates, and more.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should shop HP z6100 OEM ink cartridges with us:

  • We offer the industry’s highest-quality ink cartridges at the lowest-possible prices.
  • We ship most orders the same day.
  • We provide our customers with information—on the phone, in our store, or on our web site—to make informed choices. Each of our telephone representatives is continually trained by the manufacturers of the products we sell. They can answer your questions instantly.
  • We offer our customers frequent updates on new products arriving hourly at our warehouse.
  • We offer corporate and government customers instant bids, competitive prices and quick delivery.

About The Company

AGIS was established to serve the needs of large format printer users, and today we are one of the industry’s top retailers.

Over 15 Years of Superior Customer Service, Innovation and Success…

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Grand Re-Opening Event – AGIS – Success!

| Slider | August 31, 2014

Grand Re-Opening Event with AGIS – Advance Graphix Imaging Systems

On Thursday, August 27th, we hosted a Grand Re-opening event where we introduced our customers and to many top-of-the-line vendors in the graphics imaging solutions business. While we unfortunately picked one of the hottest days of the week to host this even (100º degree)… it turned out that our event as just as HOT!

This Grand Reopening event spectacular presented many customers to our vendors, other customers, and our wonderful staff.

We had really had a wonderful time catching up with existing customers and meeting new customers. There was a lot of talk about the latest in graphics imaging technology; including software systems to large format printers and substrates and more.

The vendors were very happy with the out turn.  They talked to a lot of customers and gave a lot of good information on their latest technology in addition to the benefits that they gain using them.  We had great food and really enjoyed our time with everyone.

AGIS Grand Opening Event - Graphics Imaging


AGIS Grand Opening Event - Graphics Imaging







The vendors at this year’s grand re-opening event introduced our brand-new line of equipment, substrates and materials. The graphics imaging solutions included:


  • HP Latex 300 series printers
  • HP Wall Art
  • OKI white Toner C900 Series printers
  • Mimaki dye sub printers
  • Maghold large format magnets
  • Ultraflexx seamless fabric for large format inkjet printing
  • ATI Decorative Laminates – Wall Coverings
  • Gilman Brothers substrates
  • Twist Banenrs
  • T3 Display Systems
  • ONYX rip
  • Avery Dennison
  • Clear Focus Films
  • Caldera rip
  • Fisher Textiles – fabrics for Dye Sublimation, UV, Latex and Direct Digital Printing
  • Sihl print media products
  • Inteplast Group
  • other banner media and more!

AGIS, Advanced Graphix Imaging Systems is and always has been focused on quality products for interior and exterior wall graphics and design. This includes wall/ floor graphics, including new media and substrates, vehicle wrap, printers with white capabilities, fabric printing and fire proof/ water proof materials and so much more.

Addition to be manufacturer authorized dealers for these high quality printers and print related media and substrates; we are a greater Los Angeles large format printer service company.

We typically get our large format service customers up and running 98% of the time on first time visits. We are proud to say that we have the best large format printer / equipment service team in the great Los Angeles area. Our technicians are manufacturer trained and certified with access to tools and information that non-certified technicians lack. Our service vehicles are fully equipped with major parts to have your large format printer running at the quickest time possible. When your machine is down, don’t even think about dealing with another company other than AGIS. We are the #1 trusted place for wide format printer service and we hold up to our reputation. Our service technicians are the best in the Southern California region and we are available 24/7. AGIS is your best choice for large format printer service and repair calls.

Regardless of what you need; printing equipment, media, substrates or large format printer service give us a call at (805) 696-3426 and we’ll help you out.


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