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Grand Re-Opening Event – AGIS – Meet Top Vendors

| Slider | August 4, 2014

Grand Re-Opening Event – AGIS – Now Passed

Below is information on what we had to offer at this event.  We look forward to next year’s event.

You’re invited to our Valued Customer Grand Reopening House Event! This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity! You will learn more about the latest technology in Graphics Imaging Solutions. Make sure you join us for this not-to-be-missed event!  DOOR PRIZES AND FOOD WILL BE PROVIDED!

HP 300 Series Latex ATI Laminates Avery Dennison HP Wall Art OKI c900 series

This Grand Reopening event spectacular is to introduce you to our vendors, other customers, our wonderful staff, and our brand-new line of equipment, substrates and materials; including the NEW HP Latex/ 300 series fabric printers, HP Wall Art, OKI white Toner C900 Series, Maghold, Ultraflexx, ATI wall art/ graphics, Gilman Brother’s substrates, Twist Banenrs, T3 Display Systems, ONYX, Avery Dennison, Clear Focus Films, Mimaki dye sub printers, Caldera, Fisher Textiles, other banner media and more!

1000 credit for registrationWhen you register for this event, you’ll receive a Valued Customer bonus: $1,000 credit towards the purchase of new equipment!107709-3d-glossy-pink-orb-icon-food-beverage-food-drink-sandwich1

THURSDAY AUGUST 28TH  10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

At the Grand Reopening House event, you’ll have exclusive access to top branded manufacturers of equipment, substrate and media vendors. This is an not-to-be-missed event!

Please register for this event by clicking here and get your $1,000 credit before it’s too late.  *There will be DOOR PRIZES and FOOD & DRINKS will be provided)


Advance Graphix Imaging Solutions

Focused on quality products for interior design, fabric printing on *NEW HP latex printers, DYE SUB printing, wall/ floor graphics, including new media and substrates, vehicle wrap, printers with white capabilities, fabric printing and fire proof/ water proof materials.

P.S.  Don’t wait before it is too late!  Click here to register now for your $1,000 credit!



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Large Printer Service & Repair Available 24/7

| Slider | July 1, 2014

factory authorized wide format service hp mimaki epson roland vutek hp scitex mutoh canon

Large Printer Service Available 24/7 with AGIS

Large Printer Service Available 24/7 We at AGIS wide format printer service are proud to have some of the best large format printer service technicians in Southern California. When our customers call, they are depending on us for immediate dispatch to their location with all the tools and parts to get their wide format printer up and running as soon as possible.

We are an “around the clock” large format printer service company in Los Angeles. This means that when a customer calls us at 9pm, we will take the call and send out the nearest service technician to ensure that you have someone on-site to take a look at your machine right away. Regardless of the hour of day, we will be there to take care of our customer.

*Please note that we are available 24/7 for customers that purchase media from AGIS. 

For 24/7 Service please call: (805) 696-3426

Service Vehicles loaded with Large Format Printer Parts & Tools

factory authorized wide format service hp mimaki epson roland vutek hp scitex mutoh canonWe typically get our customers up and running 98% of the time on first time calls. The reason is because we are fully equipped with major parts and tools to get your machine running at the quickest time possible. When your machine is down, don’t even think about dealing with another company other than AGIS. We are the #1 trusted place for wide format printer service and we hold up to our reputation. Our service technicians are the best in the Southern California region and we are available 24/7. AGIS is your best choice for large format printer service and repair calls.

Factory Authorized & Trained Large Format Printer Technicians

As factory authorized and trained technicians, our professional services ensure that we have been trained by HP, Canon, Roland, Epson, Mimaki, Scitex, Mutoh, Vutek and more. In other words, our large format printer repair services cover these types of wide format printers; Latex, Aqueous, Solvent, and Eco-Solvent machines. Don’t deal with any company other than AGIS for your large format printer maintenance or repair services; you are getting the best value and customer service with us.

Wide Format Printer Service and Repair 24/7

Regardless of the printer problem you are facing, it is easy with AGIS. Just give us a call at (805) 696-3426 and let us know the details of your wide format printer and what issues you are facing it. Our technicians are savvy in technical issues with almost any make or model when it comes to software issues or hardware issues. Give us a call anytime of day to book your service or maintenance call for your wide format printer(s).


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HP Latex 310 Wide Format Printers

| Slider | June 18, 2014

HP Latex 310 Wide Format Printers

HP Latex is known throughout the industry for their high quality wide format latex printers. HP is a major manufacturer of large and wide format latex printers for the signage, banners and wall graphics business. As a world leader in wide format latex printer technology, HP is a safe bet for many businesses. HP now offers its newest Latex the 300 series, giving customers higher quality, more flexibility, more options and more for their money.

We at AGIS large format printer service, are excited to let you know that we are proud to offer the newest of HP Latex printers; the HP 310 latex printer series to our customers. With over 30 years of experience in the wide format/ large format printer industry, we know quality equipment when we work with them. By purchasing HP Latex wide format printers with AGIS, you are buying peace of mind when it comes to quality wide format printers and quality service that will be there when you need it. The technicians at AGIS are not only manufacturer certified by HP, but have access to factory tools, systems and parts. We are highly recommended in the Southern California/ Los Angeles region, because of our quality workmanship.

HP Latex 310 Wide Format Printers vs. Roland Printers

With so many choices, it is difficult to decide which make and model to purchase. For this example, we are comparing a similar Roland model to the HP Latex 310 model: HP Latex 310 Printer vs. Roland VSi-540 Printer. We are doing this because we want to show you how two different machines with the same purpose (printing traditional signage) still have truly different results. We see from the images below that the HP Latex 310 print quality surpasses the Roland wide format printer by far. The HP Latex printer offers clear, crisp and colorful prints for indoor and outdoor signage.

HP Latex 310 Printer vs. Roland VSi-540 Printer

HP Latex 310 Wide Format Printers vs. Epson Printers


We too have taken the time to put together some images to illustrate the key differences between another comparable make and model to the HP 310 printer; Epson SureColor S30600 Printer. The HP Latex 310 model compared to the Epson Printer is like so:

  • HP Latex 330 is able to show good transitions, sharpness, details contrast print after print.
  • It is consistently and 70% faster than the competition

hp latex vs epson printer

With HP Quick Substrate Profiling you can easily fine-tune existing substrate presets for a superior performance, besides the one click search, download & install (250+) profiles and the full set of generic and HP substrate presets pre-installed in the printer.

When using an Epson 30600 printer you can have only 100 profiles from Epson Media Qualification Program or you can profile yourself.

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Large Format Printer Parts

| Slider | June 4, 2014

Large Format Printer Parts

Over the last decade, we have serviced many customers in the greater Los Angeles area, many parts of Southern California and even Las Vegas.  Large Format Printer PartsAGIS Large Format Printer Parts is the fastest way to access the difficult to find wide format printer parts inventories to find exactly the part you need. There are thousands of inventoried parts in the AGIS Large Format Printer Parts database, and the search is quick and simple. Just give us a call and we’ll help you find your wide format printer part.

AGIS Large Format Printer Parts was founded make your search for quick and easy access to wide format printer parts. AGIS Large Format Printer Parts is proud to offer you a list a quality parts offering both aftermarket and OEM parts for you to choose from.

Your One-Stop Large Format Printer Parts Store

Can’t seem to find the right components for your wide format printer? Wide format printer parts shopping cannot be easier with AGIS. If the search for the correct replacement and aftermarket format printer parts and accessories is a pain in the neck, it’s time you stop looking elsewhere—try AGIS format printer parts! We have over a million dollars worth of part in our inventory and in our service vehicles. If you’re looking for a boost your printer’s life cycle, we have the maintenance and parts you need to get going in the right direction.

Great Shopping Experience Awaits You

Our large selection of parts combined with our user-friendly staff makes finding the right large format printer parts shopping easy. Just call our phone and speak to our friendly staff, we’re happy to figure out what you need. We offer parts at a fair price with quality and customer satisfaction as our priority. So if you’re looking for high-quality but cheap wide format printer parts and accessories, we’re your top choice! Once you place your order, you can expect your purchased item to reach your doorsteps in no time. Shipping is fast, and we also make it easy for you to track your order through the tracking number that we provide. And if you’re worried about the information that you share with us upon ordering, worry no more because we value your privacy and we keep your information confidential. With all these features and benefits, shopping for new vehicle parts need not be a problem again.

Here’s a list of parts we offer at AGIS Large format printer parts department:

  1. Drum for all models
  2. Developer for all models
  3. Toner for all models
  4. Cleaning blade for some of them
  5. NTC sensors for Oce machines
  6. Gears mostly for KIP machines
  7. Fuser roller for KIP and Xerox
  8. Bearings for KIP and Xerox
  9. Bearings for Oce 9800
  10. Belts for Oce 9800 and TDS850
  11. Actuators
  12. Cleaning rollers for Oce 9800 and Oce TDS800
  13. Document sensors
  14. Paper path sensors
  15. SSR relay for Oce machines
  16. High voltage power supply
  17. Lamp Balast power supply
  18. Corona wires for all models
  19. Corona blocks for all models
  20. Charger assembly for all models


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New Vutek Repair Technician on Board

| Slider | April 19, 2014

We at AGIS are excited to let you know that we have new Grand Format / Super Wide Format Vutek repair technician on board.  Because of our fine reputation in the industry of repairing and servicing large format printers, we are able to bring on the best of the best to our team.  Our repair technicians are different because they love the machines they work with.  We believe that Vutek Printers are amazing machines that deliver beautiful prints.  The Vutek Super Wide Format Printers we work on include these models: 5300, 5330, 2360, 3360, and PressVu 200/600.

Why AGIS Vutek Technicians are the Best in Vutek Repairs:

Our experienced Vutek repair and service technicians take pride in their workmanship.  They are passionate about super wide format printers and have formal training in these complex machines.  Our new Vutek repair technician has specific over 20+ years of working on Vutek machines and of those 20+ years, 11 years were with Vutek.  Our approach in working with clients who need their Vutek mechanical or software problems resolved is in customer service.  We take the time to completely understand your value of time.  This is why AGIS has dedicated 4 vehicles to service Vutek printer repair problems and issues.  Our service team is available 24/7 and are ready to help you in any emergency situation.

Our Process in repairing your Vutek Super Wide Format printer

When we receive a call from a client to get a Vutek Grand Format Printer up and running, we consider what your situation is.  We will go through some general questions to better understand the printer problems and error messages and then we prepare the service vehicle and Vutek repair technician for dispatch.  It is easy with AGIS Vutek Repair Service.

  1. Call us at (310) 921-2424
  2. Let us know the problems you’re having with your Vutek
  3. We’ll walk you through a few of the error messages
  4. We’ll schedule a time for us to come out on-site to inspect and repair your Vutek
  5. 98% of the time, we’ll have your machine up and running on the first visit

Just give us a call and we’ll walk you through all the steps.  As an authorized service dealer for Vutek, we have the right tools (software and official manuals) to ensure that you will be up and running in no time.  Don’t hesitate and waste time with non-certified Vutek technicians, give us a call today and let us help you lower your life cycle cost and increase the lifetime of your Vutek machine.

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OKI C900 series LED digital color printer – C941dn

| Large Format Printers | March 25, 2014

OKI C900 series LED digital color printer - C941dn

OKI’s new C900 series digital color printer

OKI C900 series LED digital color printer - C941dn

We hope that you’re doing well.  From what we see, it looks like many are noticing a pick up in business and we are excited to be a part of this journey with our customers.  We too are enjoying more business, due to our new website.  More folks are booking for printer repairs and maintenance and even buying more new equipment from us.

As we continue to expand our offerings, as an authorized factory OKI dealer, we are excited to let you know that OKI has upped their game again.  We now offer OKI’s newest commercial grade printing equipment.  For the best option in digital printing for the highest quality prints with lower cost of ownership choose OKI.  OKI is great; whether you’re running labels, cutting sheets or envelopes with variable data and variable graphics.  We offer some of the best discounted rates on these machines, while providing quality installation, service, supplies and maintenance.

OKI digital printer factory authorized dealer – AGIS

OKI has always been on top of their game; they’ve always been an innovative company, offering the best line of digital printers that the printing industry so heavily relies on.  Their newest line are innovative digital production printers designed for the Graphic Arts & Production market.  These machines are perfect for short run printing while delivering fast speeds along with superior color accuracy.  If you need to cut sheets or envelopes, or run labels variable graphics and variable data; OKI is your answer.

As an authorized factory dealer for OKI in the Los Angeles area, we are excited to announce that we are your go-to company for OKI digital printers.  As one of the top performing OKI digital printer dealers in the Southern California, we offer something that no other dealer can offer; superior service (installation, training and maintenance).  With AGIS large format printer service and repair, you cannot go wrong.

 OKI C941dn LED digital color printer – 900 series OKI

OKI has introduced to the world, their OKI C900 series LED digital color printer – C941dn.  This machine is a game changer in the industry and will outperform LED printer on the market today.  The OKI C900 series LED digital color printer – C941dn offers a 5 station toner with cyan, magenta, yellow and black, plus white or clear!  With these features and benefits, you’ll enjoy amazing prints while reducing your cost of ownership.   The OKI C900 series LED digital color printer – C941dn is available with an EFI Fiery XF server.

OKI C900 series LED digital color printer - C941dnGraphic design/On-demand printing

  • First 5-station LED/Laser printer: supports White and Clear spot color
  • PANTONE® Certified
  • True 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution
  • Up to 50ppm in Color and Mono1
  • Optional Fiery® XF RIP server

Cost containment/Efficiency

  • Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO)in its class
  • Highest capacity consumables in its class (up to 38,000 pages2)
  • Holds up to 2,950 sheets with options

Call us today for the best price for the OKI C900 series LED digital color printer – C941dn.  We’ll offer you a great deal with installation and training.

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Repair Tips – Latex, Solvent & Water based Wide Format Printer Copier

| Slider | March 14, 2014

agis repair tips copyRepair Tips – Latex, Solvent & Water based Wide Format Printer & Copier

Have wide format printer issues?

Do you need help in repairing your Latex, solvent and water based wide format printer and copier?

When your machine is down or is having issues, its oftentimes difficult to meet the commitments to consistently deliver exciting, all-inclusive large format digital printing and document management solutions if your Latex, Solvent and Water based wide format printer and large format multifunctional copiers are faulty.


You expect that the investment of your equipment to be everlasting, while this is what many hope for, it isn’t always the case.  Like automobiles, sometimes these Latex, Solvent & Water based Wide Format Printer Copiers fail on us.  If you had the manpower and resources to continuously meet day to day repair and maintenance upkeep with these machines, you wouldn’t be reading this article.

Here we offer you a few ways to see what is wrong with your Latex, Solvent and Water based wide format printer and copier.

These are the few basic steps you’ll want to go through in order to check the machine for any issues:

  1. Safely Power of the Machine – sometimes the machines need to have a full power off for a few minutes so that you can clear out the system.  Make sure that there is not pending print jobs and everything stopped.  Power off the machine from the front control panels and unplug your Latex, Solvent and Water based wide format printer and copier.
  2. Check to see if the power cord is damaged or drying or curing enclosures are damaged. There can be some cases when the Latex, solvent and water base wide format printer and copier repair is needed because it has been damaged by an impact.
  3. Periodic maintenance and cleaning of Latex, solvent and water base wide format printer and copier is the key to better results and durability of the printer or copier. Definitely after this huge investment for getting good results you are not interested to compromise on the delivery deadlines and commitments with your clients. It is professional opinion that at such workplaces where proper maintenance and periodic checks are made by experts, encounter the less issues with the functionality of Latex wide printers and copiers.
  4. If the wide printer’s or copier’s  built-in Residual Current Circuit Breaker (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) has been repeatedly tripped, fuses have blown and the printer is not operating normally in this case Latex, solvent and water base wide format printer and copier repair service is needed to get it back to the smooth working condition.
  5. A few Print Media Industry  people have encountered with the issues like: Liquid has entered the printer or there is smoke or an unusual smell coming from the printer. In this case you need an expert to check the Latex, solvent and water base wide format printer and copier to repair.
  6. There can be any mechanical or enclosure damage. It’s better to turn off the printer using the Branch Circuit Breakers in either of the following cases: During a thunderstorm or during a power failure.

Secondly, most important thing is to train the operating staff with details of wide frame printers and copiers and each segment of the Printing Must Be Supervised by an Expert Process Supervisor.

Latex, solvent and water based wide format printer and copier repair services of an expert service provider will be needed to repair and maintain the machines if you cannot figure out the problem.  AGIS offers you a trusted Los Angeles wide format printer repair service.  

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Common Repairs of Latex, Solvent, and UV Grand Format Printers

| Large Format Printers | March 3, 2014

Repairs of Latex, Solvent, and UV Grand Format Printers

large format printer service_repairsWhen making the important decision about buying a large or grand format printer, you will need to consider not only what your customers are requesting now, but the new trending products your customers may request in the future.   Additionally, you should take the following into consideration; the initial cost of the printer, consumable costs (media and ink), maintenance and repair costs.  Many business people today are considering which type of printer is the best option; latex, solvent, and/or UV grand format printers.  Some of these options, however, can run into more problems than others. Here are some of the more common problems and questions people ask about their latex, solvent, and UV grand format printer repairs.

  • The ink smears with my UV printer.  Are you using poor quality inks? The chemistry of the ink used is very important and manufactures go to great lengths to get the viscosity just right. The ink needs to flow easily but dry quickly. If you are looking for a low cost solution to manufacturer inks, you must be careful and consider using the AGIS high quality third party inks.  We at AGIS offer quality third party inks that simply plug and play.  The inks we offer are the correct chemical make up for your particular printer and are of good quality. Another reason for inks it smear is that you may be using the wrong media for your printer.  Are you using UV inks on material that is not UV compatible? This will cause the UV ink to sit on top of the paper, or whatever material you are using, instead of being absorbed by the paper to dry.
  • Latex, solvent, water based wide format printer and copier repairMy paper curls up, is there something wrong with my solvent based grand format printer? No, this is simply the result of moisture evaporating from your paper. This causes the coating to harden, and then shrink. Try adding a small humidifier to your room or store your paper in a room with the same humidity levels as your production room. The easiest and cheapest solution to this problem is simply adding a few weighted clips to the edge of the paper when you begin printing.
  • My printer didn’t need repair, only recalibration, is calibration that important? Proper calibration allows your grand format printer to print the exact same colors today, tomorrow, even two months from now. The smallest things can affect the inks; from the humidity in the air to the age of the print heads. Calibration is something you can learn to do yourself as it is generally included in the printer’s firmware or the RIP software.
  • My latex printer dries prints immediately, is this normal?  One of the best things about the new latex inks is that they dry extremely fast after printing, no drying time is necessary nor is the use of an external dryer. You can laminate your prints immediately after printing, a big plus in the turnaround time of your product.

As you can see, many of the more common questions and problems have nothing to do with your latex, solvent, and UV grand format printer repair issues, but rather these are external matters or even normal operating systems. If none of the above seem to cover your exact problem then perhaps it’s time to call someone regarding your latex, solvent, and UV grand format printer repair technician.

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Large Format Printing Basics

| Large Format Printing | February 3, 2014

The demand for large format printing services continues to grow. Large format printing has become extremely versatile and is now used for both retail outlet, professions, advertisers, and private, home usage.

large format printingWhat exactly is large format printing? Most people thing of poster or architectural drawings but it actually encompasses much more. Large formats are prints that can be up to 16 feet wide and virtually any length. Does your project call for something larger than 16 feet wide? This I not a problem as there are procedures to simply join pieces together to seamlessly create ventures that can exceed 16 feet.

With smaller printing jobs it used to be common that the larger the number of prints that were ordered the cheaper each item would cost, more commonly referred to as “offset printing.” However this is not true of digital printing since there is no minimum volume limitations this allows small quantities jobs to be as equally cost effective as larger quantity jobs.

Large Format Printing Basics – Considerations

Proper consideration can help the quality and durability of your design go from acceptable to outstanding. For example, you need to consider bleeds in your project, especially if it will need to be pieced together. Bleeds are an important part of a successful large format print as they are frequently made from multiple pieces that will need to be joined. These bleeds are the 3 to 5mm zones on the boundaries of the design that allow for small errors and will give the finished product fluidity with no gaps or white lines showing through. Another consideration that technical support can help you with is the images themselves that you have chosen. You should not rely on images that were copied or found on the internet. Although this can successfully be printed on a small scale on a home printer it does not work well in a large format. Pictures such as those found on the internet expanded to 10 feet wide will look blurry, unsatisfactory, and unprofessional. Depending on the size of your project technical support can help you decide which resolution will make your project look its best. Generally a resolution of at least 300DPI (dots per inch) will generate a high resolution reproduction, avoiding your finished product from looking grainy.

Many different types of materials can now be used in large format printing. What type of substrate you use will depend on the application you intend the project to be used for and the durability it will require. For example, a poster inside a building will not need to be protected from the elements but a billboard outside will most likely need to be laminated ( coated with a plastic sealer) to keep it looking fresh. Other types of materials used are clear plastics with adhesives for floors, and windows, vinyl, even canvas. The possibilities are almost endless and limited only by imagination.

We at AGIS offer print supplies at a great value.  Quality items at amazing prices is what we are known for.  Just give us a call and ask about our printing media and supply.

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Large Format Printer Repair

| Slider | January 3, 2014

Large Format Printer Repair

Maintaining your large format printer’s health is always in your business’ best interest.  Large Format Printers that are well maintained will care of outperform and outlast those that are not.  This simply doesn’t mean that yoularge format printer servicer large format printer will last longer, but it means that you have higher throughput and better customer service.  When lack of printer maintenance occurs, you may experience low print quality.  Even if your large format equipment isn’t having issues, it is important to keep it well maintained.  Don’t hesitate to call AGIS large format printer repair services to inspect your machine.  Our professional AGIS large format equipment technicians will come on site to assess your printer and provide anything it needs, from routine maintenance to major large format printer repair services. With an AGIS manufacturer authorized technician, you know your large format printer is in good hands.  AGIS large format printer repair experts have been doing this for more than 17 years.

Below are the list of machines that we service:

  • Canon Large Format Printer Repair/ Maintenance/ Service
  • HP Printer Repair/ Maintenance/ Service
  • Oce Printer Repair/ Maintenance/ Service
  • Epson Printer Repair/ Maintenance/ Service
  • Mimaki Printer Repair/ Maintenance/ Service
  • Roland Printer Repair/ Maintenance/ Service
  • Mutoh Large Format Printer Repair/ Maintenance/ Service
  • Grand Format Large Format Printer Repair/ Maintenance/ Service

– See more at: http://largeformatservice.com/ad-category/large-format-printers

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