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AGIS and Our Clients

| Large Format Printers, Large Format Printing | August 21, 2018

AGIS and Our Clients

AGIS is proud to work with many clients throughout the printing industry. Several of these clients include the likes of Avery, Dickson Coatings, and Clear Focus One Way Vision Films, just to name a few. Aside from the industry that they operate in, one thing that all of these companies have in common, is that AGIS helps manufacture the products that they sell.


Top Dog Film

In addition to the clients listed above, AGIS also works with companies that offer other services related to the printing industry. Top Dog Film is one of these companies and they sell heat transfer film. This type of material that AGIS also sells to Top Dog Film, is used to put digital images and other pictures on your t-shirts. Essentially, this is how we dip into the fashion industry a little bit. More specifically, our heat transfer film is the material that the image is printed on, before it’s then attached to the t-shirt that Top Dog Film sells.


More Than Just Advertising and Marketing

As well as the numerous other clients that the company takes care of, AGIS also supplies such companies as Mojave Digital Media and SiHL. Mojave Digital Media and AGIS work together to make printed images, in that we supply them with our films and inks for the printers that they use, to create their banners and other types of media.On the other hand, SiHL prints their own media, but at AGIS we’re authorized to repair and install the printers that they use. Being a reliable supplier for companies that print images and banners like Mojave Digital Media, or Top Dog Film with heat transfer film, is just a few ways that AGIS has diversified itself in several other markets. Although some of the supplies that we provide do end up marketing sales at department stores, we work in particular with materials such as those that floor graphics are made of. With that being said, the next time you’re at a department store and you see a sale banner and sign, or the next time you’re at an expo and you see what look like stickers on the floor with images or words, just know that we provided the materials for the printing companies to print that on.

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Advanced Graphix Imaging Solutions Los Angeles

| Large Format Printers, Large Format Printing | June 26, 2018

Advanced Graphix Imaging Solutions Los Angeles

Advanced Graphix Imaging Solutions, or AGIS as we like to call ourselves, is a company that specializes in both printers and printing services. The personnel that we employ, are specially trained to quickly respond within 4 hours to service calls. The technicians that we deploy, can fix any technical issue that you may have with your printer and can even manage same day delivery. Our company is an authorized service center for many well known brands such as HP, Epson and Mimaki. This means that our technicians are highly trained to work on HP, Epson, and Mimaki products, thus allowing our company to provide exceptional service for our loyal community of customers.


AGIS Brands & Products

There are many other brands and products that we offer. Some brands besides the ones discussed earlier are: Caldera, UltraFlex Systems, Dickson Coatings, Roland, and OCE (which is owned by Canon). Several of the products also include different types of vinyl that allow our clients to advertise on the side of public transportation, such as with buses. Also, AGIS sells ink for the printers we sell as well. Some products like HP Adhesive Polypropylene Gloss are also sold here, so you can put your images or ads anywhere, ranging from a simple image to put on your refrigerator, to an ad on the front door of your business.



The inks we pitch are mostly for HP and Epson printers, but we do also sell one type of Canon ink. Some of the ink, such as the cartridges for the HP 881, come in 5 liter inks, meaning that you won’t be running out of ink anytime soon. The inks come in a range of different colors, including: black, magenta, cyan and yellow.


Contacting AGIS

We are located in Paramount City, which is in the LA county area, meaning that there’s plenty of advertising to go around using our brands and products. For a consultation call 310-921-2424, or fax 310-921-6553.

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Best Large Format Printer Service Technicians

| Large Format Printers, Large Format Printing | May 12, 2018

Many ask us at AGISWeb.com , why do you think you have the

Best Large Format Printer Service Technicians?

We are factory trained and authorized to work on many brands for all types of large format printers.  From wide format printers and grand large format printers, we cover them all.  Being factory trained by HP, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland, Epson, Canon and so much more, we at AGISWeb offer the very best value to our customers.  Why go to a cheap wide format printer service provide from Craigslist where you don’t know if they really know their amount of training, when you can go to a trusted printer repair source in the greater Los Angeles region?

Large Format Printer Service of Los Angeles

We offer large format printer services in the greater Los Angeles region, covering the following services:

Best Large Format Printer Service Technicians of Los Angeles

We are the most trusted wide format printer repair service technicians of the greater Los Angeles region.  We offer quality care when it comes to your equipment.  Along with our factory trained technicians, we utilize the tools and resources from manufacturers, therefore offer a fast turnaround time onsite.  With 98.8% uptime upon the first time visit, it is no wonder why so many Los Angeles customers of ours trust AGISWeb.com for quality wide format printers and repair services. 

Large Printer Service Available 24/7

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Maghold – Bigger, Thinner, Stronger Printable Magnets for Large Format

| Large Format Printers, Large Format Printing | October 7, 2014

Maghold – Bigger, Thinner, Stronger Printable Magnets for Large Format

Looking for high quality flexible magnet sheets/rolls for large format printing?  We at AGIS offer large format printing magnet sheets available in both 40″ and 48″ widths for large format signs, screen printing, POP displays, digital imaging and more.

With the new Maghold wide format magnet sheets, you get bigger, stronger, wider, yet thinner sheets of magnets that is compatible with all magnet wall systems.

Available in .010 or .030 “thickness, Maghold can be used for most print media applications.  You can laminate single sided, double sided, and plain, matte, gloss, white vinyl, inkjet paper, photo paper, PET, art paper, PP film, paper and adhesive.

maghold large format printing magnet sheetsPrintable Magnets for Large Format – For outdoor and indoor applications

Up to 48 inches wide. Print directly on flexible magnetic material with large format solvent, eco-solvent, UV and latex inkjet printers.

  • Widths of 40” to 48”
  • Thicknesses of .010 or .030″
    (does not include thickness of laminate)
  • Easily cut with scissors, hobby knife, die-cutter or cutting plotter

Save production time by printing directly onto this flexible magnet. The special printable surface brings out the brilliant color of your designs and visual images to create high impact P.O.P. displays, temporary signage, vehicle graphics, message boards, teaching aids, portraits, decorative magnets, photos, and more.

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Large Format Printing Basics

| Large Format Printing | February 3, 2014

The demand for large format printing services continues to grow. Large format printing has become extremely versatile and is now used for both retail outlet, professions, advertisers, and private, home usage.

large format printingWhat exactly is large format printing? Most people thing of poster or architectural drawings but it actually encompasses much more. Large formats are prints that can be up to 16 feet wide and virtually any length. Does your project call for something larger than 16 feet wide? This I not a problem as there are procedures to simply join pieces together to seamlessly create ventures that can exceed 16 feet.

With smaller printing jobs it used to be common that the larger the number of prints that were ordered the cheaper each item would cost, more commonly referred to as “offset printing.” However this is not true of digital printing since there is no minimum volume limitations this allows small quantities jobs to be as equally cost effective as larger quantity jobs.

Large Format Printing Basics – Considerations

Proper consideration can help the quality and durability of your design go from acceptable to outstanding. For example, you need to consider bleeds in your project, especially if it will need to be pieced together. Bleeds are an important part of a successful large format print as they are frequently made from multiple pieces that will need to be joined. These bleeds are the 3 to 5mm zones on the boundaries of the design that allow for small errors and will give the finished product fluidity with no gaps or white lines showing through. Another consideration that technical support can help you with is the images themselves that you have chosen. You should not rely on images that were copied or found on the internet. Although this can successfully be printed on a small scale on a home printer it does not work well in a large format. Pictures such as those found on the internet expanded to 10 feet wide will look blurry, unsatisfactory, and unprofessional. Depending on the size of your project technical support can help you decide which resolution will make your project look its best. Generally a resolution of at least 300DPI (dots per inch) will generate a high resolution reproduction, avoiding your finished product from looking grainy.

Many different types of materials can now be used in large format printing. What type of substrate you use will depend on the application you intend the project to be used for and the durability it will require. For example, a poster inside a building will not need to be protected from the elements but a billboard outside will most likely need to be laminated ( coated with a plastic sealer) to keep it looking fresh. Other types of materials used are clear plastics with adhesives for floors, and windows, vinyl, even canvas. The possibilities are almost endless and limited only by imagination.

We at AGIS offer print supplies at a great value.  Quality items at amazing prices is what we are known for.  Just give us a call and ask about our printing media and supply.

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