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HP Adhesive Polypropylene Gloss

| Lamination Film | July 30, 2018

HP Adhesive Polypropylene Gloss

AGIS’s HP adhesive polypropylene gloss is great for both decoration and advertising. It can stick to any surface including walls, company vehicles, cabinets, and refrigerators to name a few. It’s easy to apply and is one of the products that we offer to printing companies for their clients. As a matter of fact, the adhesive is used across various cities surrounding the local LA county area.


Considering the numerous routes that city buses take, they serve as a great vehicle to place this adhesive. In fact, that’s how printing companies apply our polypropylene gloss to their everyday marketing. Nevertheless, vehicles need a washing every now and then, which is why polypropylene is very efficient due to its water resistant qualities. As a result, cars with the adhesive polypropylene gloss require less washing, the car wash will not compromise the adhesive. All things considered,this is why polypropylene makes such a great tool for both advertising and branding. As stated before, our adhesive can be applied to any surface including walls. In truth, some businesses go to the printing companies that use our adhesive, to advertise products or items they sell. Essentially, images show customers what products look like, without actually having to set foot inside the store.


Although frequently the case, our polypropylene is not only used for commercial purposes.Instead, some people have used the printing companies we service to, in order to decorate their own home or their personal belongings, such as decals for their cars. The adhesive can be used for both commercial and personal decor in almost any environment. Furthermore, it doesn’t have to be in residential, the adhesive has been used to decorate and market in a commercial setting.


Learn more at http://agisweb.com/products/hp-adhesive-polypropylene-36-gloss

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