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Advanced Graphix Imaging Solutions Los Angeles

| Large Format Printers, Large Format Printing | June 26, 2018

Advanced Graphix Imaging Solutions Los Angeles

Advanced Graphix Imaging Solutions, or AGIS as we like to call ourselves, is a company that specializes in both printers and printing services. The personnel that we employ, are specially trained to quickly respond within 4 hours to service calls. The technicians that we deploy, can fix any technical issue that you may have with your printer and can even manage same day delivery. Our company is an authorized service center for many well known brands such as HP, Epson and Mimaki. This means that our technicians are highly trained to work on HP, Epson, and Mimaki products, thus allowing our company to provide exceptional service for our loyal community of customers.


AGIS Brands & Products

There are many other brands and products that we offer. Some brands besides the ones discussed earlier are: Caldera, UltraFlex Systems, Dickson Coatings, Roland, and OCE (which is owned by Canon). Several of the products also include different types of vinyl that allow our clients to advertise on the side of public transportation, such as with buses. Also, AGIS sells ink for the printers we sell as well. Some products like HP Adhesive Polypropylene Gloss are also sold here, so you can put your images or ads anywhere, ranging from a simple image to put on your refrigerator, to an ad on the front door of your business.



The inks we pitch are mostly for HP and Epson printers, but we do also sell one type of Canon ink. Some of the ink, such as the cartridges for the HP 881, come in 5 liter inks, meaning that you won’t be running out of ink anytime soon. The inks come in a range of different colors, including: black, magenta, cyan and yellow.


Contacting AGIS

We are located in Paramount City, which is in the LA county area, meaning that there’s plenty of advertising to go around using our brands and products. For a consultation call 310-921-2424, or fax 310-921-6553.

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