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HP Latex 310 Wide Format Printers

| Slider | June 18, 2014

HP Latex 310 Wide Format Printers

HP Latex is known throughout the industry for their high quality wide format latex printers. HP is a major manufacturer of large and wide format latex printers for the signage, banners and wall graphics business. As a world leader in wide format latex printer technology, HP is a safe bet for many businesses. HP now offers its newest Latex the 300 series, giving customers higher quality, more flexibility, more options and more for their money.

We at AGIS large format printer service, are excited to let you know that we are proud to offer the newest of HP Latex printers; the HP 310 latex printer series to our customers. With over 30 years of experience in the wide format/ large format printer industry, we know quality equipment when we work with them. By purchasing HP Latex wide format printers with AGIS, you are buying peace of mind when it comes to quality wide format printers and quality service that will be there when you need it. The technicians at AGIS are not only manufacturer certified by HP, but have access to factory tools, systems and parts. We are highly recommended in the Southern California/ Los Angeles region, because of our quality workmanship.

HP Latex 310 Wide Format Printers vs. Roland Printers

With so many choices, it is difficult to decide which make and model to purchase. For this example, we are comparing a similar Roland model to the HP Latex 310 model: HP Latex 310 Printer vs. Roland VSi-540 Printer. We are doing this because we want to show you how two different machines with the same purpose (printing traditional signage) still have truly different results. We see from the images below that the HP Latex 310 print quality surpasses the Roland wide format printer by far. The HP Latex printer offers clear, crisp and colorful prints for indoor and outdoor signage.

HP Latex 310 Printer vs. Roland VSi-540 Printer

HP Latex 310 Wide Format Printers vs. Epson Printers


We too have taken the time to put together some images to illustrate the key differences between another comparable make and model to the HP 310 printer; Epson SureColor S30600 Printer. The HP Latex 310 model compared to the Epson Printer is like so:

  • HP Latex 330 is able to show good transitions, sharpness, details contrast print after print.
  • It is consistently and 70% faster than the competition

hp latex vs epson printer

With HP Quick Substrate Profiling you can easily fine-tune existing substrate presets for a superior performance, besides the one click search, download & install (250+) profiles and the full set of generic and HP substrate presets pre-installed in the printer.

When using an Epson 30600 printer you can have only 100 profiles from Epson Media Qualification Program or you can profile yourself.

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