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New Vutek Repair Technician on Board

| Slider | April 19, 2014

We at AGIS are excited to let you know that we have new Grand Format / Super Wide Format Vutek repair technician on board.  Because of our fine reputation in the industry of repairing and servicing large format printers, we are able to bring on the best of the best to our team.  Our repair technicians are different because they love the machines they work with.  We believe that Vutek Printers are amazing machines that deliver beautiful prints.  The Vutek Super Wide Format Printers we work on include these models: 5300, 5330, 2360, 3360, and PressVu 200/600.

Why AGIS Vutek Technicians are the Best in Vutek Repairs:

Our experienced Vutek repair and service technicians take pride in their workmanship.  They are passionate about super wide format printers and have formal training in these complex machines.  Our new Vutek repair technician has specific over 20+ years of working on Vutek machines and of those 20+ years, 11 years were with Vutek.  Our approach in working with clients who need their Vutek mechanical or software problems resolved is in customer service.  We take the time to completely understand your value of time.  This is why AGIS has dedicated 4 vehicles to service Vutek printer repair problems and issues.  Our service team is available 24/7 and are ready to help you in any emergency situation.

Our Process in repairing your Vutek Super Wide Format printer

When we receive a call from a client to get a Vutek Grand Format Printer up and running, we consider what your situation is.  We will go through some general questions to better understand the printer problems and error messages and then we prepare the service vehicle and Vutek repair technician for dispatch.  It is easy with AGIS Vutek Repair Service.

  1. Call us at (310) 921-2424
  2. Let us know the problems you’re having with your Vutek
  3. We’ll walk you through a few of the error messages
  4. We’ll schedule a time for us to come out on-site to inspect and repair your Vutek
  5. 98% of the time, we’ll have your machine up and running on the first visit

Just give us a call and we’ll walk you through all the steps.  As an authorized service dealer for Vutek, we have the right tools (software and official manuals) to ensure that you will be up and running in no time.  Don’t hesitate and waste time with non-certified Vutek technicians, give us a call today and let us help you lower your life cycle cost and increase the lifetime of your Vutek machine.

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